Composition: BCI cotton (60%), TENCEL™ Modal (40%)
Lining: 86% Recycled Nylon, 14% Elastane

For this A-line dress, the rich TENCEL™ Modal / BCI Cotton blend is our fabric of choice. Derived from natural wood sources, Tencel™ stands out with its luxurious look and feel. On the other hand, organic cotton is considered high end due to its superior comfort and durability when compared to their traditional counterpart. 

TENCEL™ Modal is known for the following:

- Silky smoothness: creates a pleasant, almost soothing feeling on the skin
- Superior breathability: absorbs and releases moisture efficiently, thus supporting body's natural temperature regulation
Color vibrancy: smooth surface of fibers allows color dyes to remain deep in the fiber structure, resulting in impressive color brilliance
- Color longevity: significantly less prone to fade, even after repeated washing

BCI cotton is known for the following:
Moisture control: transmits moisture away from the body 
Insulation: protects from summer heat or winter cold with thermal insulation
High Durability: well-known for for its strength, cotton is durable and much less likely to rip or tear
Hypoallergenic: rarely causes allergic reactions and does not irritate skin
Comfort: comfortable in both cold and warm temperatures