Fabrics We Use For Cobalt District Clothing

Fabrics We Use

Fashion is one of the most environmentally taxing industries in the world. For our styles, we've researched hundreds of different fabrics to find the ones that had minimal impact on the environment, while not compromising on comfort or elegance of the style.

Tencel is a trademarked fabric that creates a rayon fabric through a sustainable supply chain. Tencel uses a chemical called amine oxide, which is safer and in a closed-loop process so it doesn’t contaminate water sources. It also uses certified sustainable eucalyptus, which doesn’t require pesticides and herbicides. We use Tencel fabric as the main component of our dresses.

Recycling nylon diverts waste from landfills and the ocean. Recycled nylon consumes fewer resources(such as water, fuel, and energy) in production than virgin nylon. Although the process of recycling nylon is still more expensive than virgin nylon, significant research is being conducted on improving the quality and reducing the costs of recycling. We use recycled nylon as the main component in our mesh linings.

Going forward, we aim to follow the same standards that we have set when it comes to selecting the right fabric. Just as it is important to look and feel good with the right clothes, it as equally important to ensure the sustainability of the fabrics we use.